Pigeon shit

Pigeon shit, a game by WannabeStudios

2015-10-06 10.27.32The idea behind pigeon shit is that of a casual game that you can play in between stuff. Think of games like flappy bird, Run bird run and Jelly jump. With this as core it was decided that the controls had to be simple: 1 tap, maybe 2 taps at a time max needed to control the whole game. The goal of the game itself is to dodge obstacles and to get your shit as far as possible. As it stands now we planned a endless mode and a story mode. The story mode exists of predefined levels where you dodge obstacles and land your shit on someones head for bonus points. In the endless mode however we are focusing more on getting as far as possible, and thus aiming to get further with every try.


Pigeon shit

I’ve got an idea..!

Recently got an idea for a new game while showering =d I named it “pigeon shit” for now. Basically you’re a pigeon and you take a shit… simple no? All you have to do as player: help the falling poop evade all the obstacles that can stop it from reaching it’s destination: someone’s head. Awesome. 10/10 would play.

Jokes aside, talked with a fellow programmer about it and we’re going to work it out in more detail and make an awesome game out of it. The end goal would be to get it on the playstore since we wanted to get some experience in that field (publishing/releasing an actual game on the playstore).