Pillo 24H Jam – Making Pong

Right after the global game jam comes the Pillo 24h Jam! In this game jam our assigned was to make the classic game: pong. My team decided to go for a space theme and we named it Space Pong.
ScreenHunter_181 Feb. 14 20.55ScreenHunter_182 Feb. 14 20.55

My team consisted of 2.5 programmers (including me), 2 artist, and a half designer. My contribution to the project as a programmer was:

– Pong game itself made using unity physics =p
– Juicy content:
– screen shakes on border hit
– player paddle shake on ball hit
– “popping” score when score up
– glow effect on plasma ball
– glowing particles trail
-“popping” ball when hitting paddle

I was thinking  to make a working version for my own and host it on my website, if only unity would stop giving me run errors on WebGL builds…

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