Internship Pillo Games 2016

[ Pillo games ] Week 2 – Madness

Week 2 already?!

This week I’m slightly behind schedule, ideally I wanted to have the  workflow of the Pillo development kit (PDK) finished but I still have some question which I have to ask the developer of the PDK and he didn’t have time this week so I’ll have to finish this up next week. Meanwhile I already started brainstorming and doing research on how to write a well thought out survey. I will propose a first version tomorrow (22-2-2016).

So what else has been going on? I’ve been writing my Project Initiation Document (PID), which the first version of is now finished and send to the supervisor. I hope it’s good enough so that I can focus on the project itself form now on. the PID has taken most of my time this first week alongside the analysis of the Pillo Application Programming Interface (API) and the workflow of working with the Pillo PDK.

Lastly I discovered that I kind of made a error in the Internship period specified in the contract.. I used a calculator to calculate the days and I came to 86 days. The minimum is 85 so that means I am only allowed to have 1 day off at the most otherwise I wouldn’t meet the quotum. I thought I calculated it before and took 1 extra week but I guess I miscalculated before. I can always stay a week longer I guess if it seems I won’t meet the quotum :).

Towards Week 3!

Internship Pillo Games 2016

[ Pillo Games ] Week 1 – Warming up

In this first week Pillo hosted a 24 hours Game jam, from Monday till Tuesday. I personally think the goal of this Jam was to let the internees get to know each other and get a grasp of the skill levels of each individual. My group existed of 2 and a half programmers, a half designer and 2 artists. We made the game “space pong” during these two days. Wednesday was a day of, which we really needed after 24 hours of non stop developing. I at least slept the whole day. Thursday and Friday was the real startup.

Thursday I joined a team working on a game called “fellowship”, so that I could get to know the workflow of working with the Pillo controller. However I spent half the day migrating the source code from GitHub to Bit-bucket. I saw that they hosted it on GitHub in a public repository, so I advised them to move the code to Bit-bucket  in a private repository so the source code won’t be available to the public. After that was done I advised Source-tree as client since it works well with Bit-bucket and spent more time explaining the basic features and workflow of that within a project.  At the end of Thursday I made a draft/short list of important points and planning/deadlines that I have to incorporate in my PID/actionplan and planned in a meeting on Friday to discuss it with my supervisor.

On Friday I helped out a little more with fellowship. I also got all the source code from my supervisor of the Pillo PDK and will start looking into that starting next week to get the current state in view.


Pillo 24H Jam – Making Pong

Right after the global game jam comes the Pillo 24h Jam! In this game jam our assigned was to make the classic game: pong. My team decided to go for a space theme and we named it Space Pong.
ScreenHunter_181 Feb. 14 20.55ScreenHunter_182 Feb. 14 20.55

My team consisted of 2.5 programmers (including me), 2 artist, and a half designer. My contribution to the project as a programmer was:

– Pong game itself made using unity physics =p
– Juicy content:
– screen shakes on border hit
– player paddle shake on ball hit
– “popping” score when score up
– glow effect on plasma ball
– glowing particles trail
-“popping” ball when hitting paddle

I was thinking  to make a working version for my own and host it on my website, if only unity would stop giving me run errors on WebGL builds…